What are the benefits of using connection via Virtual printer?

Install Virtual printer to any PC, and keep your ERP intact.

Virtual printer serves as a connecting link between your ERP and our cloud engine.

Your employees and you, know your ERP by heart. Changing it would require additional money, time and training.

With this connection channel your business functions on the highest level at all times. Implementation does not interfere with you day-to-day operations.

Automate distribution by setting invoice delivery paths to use this feature to the full capacity.

Send invoices to clients via various distribution channels, e-mail, save to directory etc.

Team operability

Manage e-Invoices yourself or assign user roles and permissions and create an e-Invoicing team.

Connection channel via Virtual printer allows you to send invoices from as many devices as your business require and managing from anywhere in the world.

Innovative solution for invoicing