Give your software e-invoicing ability

Picture showing transformation api cloud engine e-invoices online data to e-invoice
  • Data to e-Invoice transformation in seconds
  • Delivery to any clients and tax authorities
  • e-Invoices available for 48h

Integrate our API for data to e-invoice transformation

Get compliant
e-invoicing with 1 API key

Integrate our API key to send invoice data to our service and create an e-invoice

Skip development of e-invoicing component

Instead of a complex development and testing period to implement electronic invoicing ability, integrate our API calls into your software.

Your brand across the entire customer experience

We will be a hidden partner for your invoicing backend.

Ensures tax and legal compliance at all times

We take care of compliance with all future legislation changes so you can forget about them completely - forever.

Sign up and get 100 free transformations

Our API transforms invoice data into e-invoices. Skip all development and provide your software with e-invoicing ability in just days.

How to start?

By integrating our API, you spend a fraction of the cost and time neccessary to develop the full invoicing/e-invoicing/fiscalization functionality.


Register for free

When registering, choose to register your company as a Transformer.


Integrate our APIs

Following the instructions, integrate our transformation APIs and test the solution.


Add your customers

Add your customers manually or via API and get connection keys for them.

Start transforming!

Set up the creation/sending flow as you like.

Congratulations, your software now has e-invoicing ability!

Quick and easy integration

View the API documentation

Send one e-invoice or many e-invoices in just one request.

One-to-one transformation

Invoice data is prepared in the form of a simple JSON object. Upon transformation, you can get the XML e-invoice online or download it later with sent ID.


Mass API transformation

Bulk upload of invoice data for many e-invoices in the .CSV file format. The response includes a list of IDs for later download.

Coming soon!

infographics showing transformation api data to e-invoice e-invoices online

How does it work?

  1. Data (from your software) is taken, then a .JSON file is created and sent to e-Invoices Online by calling 1 simple REST API
  2. e-Invoices Online transforms the received data into a detailed e-invoice
  3. The e-invoice can be sent to SEF and/or (automatically) downloaded.
  4. The e-invoice is kept on our server for 48h, before being deleted. It can be edited inside your account. 

    Need long term archiving?* 

*All invoices are legally required to be archived for a determined number of years (differs between countries). Should you wish to have the legal archive included in your package, consider taking the Integrator package.

Save months on development time

Use cases

Invoicing software

You have put a great deal of time and effort into developing your invoicing software and building a customer base. Now, there is a new government-imposed e-invoicing requirement that would take you more time and effort to develop. Save your time and money for more important matters, and let us provide you with the e-invoicing component you’re missing.

DMS or EDI software

You provide a comprehensive program that has a large overlap with the requirements for e-invoicing softwares. The document exchange and archiving are key aspects to both services. You likely have clients that would benefit greatly from e-invoicing. So rather than them seeking this service elsewhere, upgrade your program by adding our e-invoicing component to your existing infrastructure.

Developing your own software

You are looking to develop a service/product that includes e-invoicing, but wish to maintain full control of your customers’ experience throughout your service. Instead of redirecting your clients to an external e-invoicing service, the Transformer package allows you to use our service as a hidden partner. Your software can rely on our service, all while never being seen by the customer.

Accounting software

You provide a complete software for accountants, but your software lacks e-invoicing ability. Using our transformation APIs, you can keep focusing on providing the best solution for accountants, and leave the e-invoicing legislation and data transformation to us. Integrate in just days instead of a lengthy development cycle.


Choose monthly or annual payment and your required quantity of transformations per month.

naplaćuje se godišnje
payed monthly



Transform & send your first 100 invoices for FREE

Transform up to 100 invoices to e-invoices and deliver to Tax Authority Portal.

naplaćuje se godišnje
paid monthly



Transform invoices to e-invoices (Peppol BIS or country specific)

Start for free Cancel anytime
RSD 23.490 /god.
2349 RSD 1957 /mes.
EUR 12 /mo.
naplaćuje se godišnje
paid monthly



Transform invoices to e-invoices (Peppol BIS or country specific)

Send to TAP (Tax Authority/State portal) - domestic delivery

Start for freeCancel anytime
RSD 58.810 /god.
5881 RSD 4900 /mes.
EUR 15 /mo.
naplaćuje se godišnje
paid monthly

TR. & SEND & P


Transform invoices to e-invoices (Peppol BIS or country specific)

Send to TAP (Tax Authority/State portal) - domestic delivery

Send to Peppol network - international delivery

Start for free Cancel anytime

Transformation API is a service for any software development company that allows you to simply transform invoices into e-invoices, by integrating our APIs into your software. Additionally, we offer domestic delivery to the tax authority portal and/or international delivery through the Peppol network. We give your software full e-invoicing ability.

Možete kreirati, distribuirati, primati i arhivirati e-fakture. Da biste koristili e-Invoices Online kroz sopstveni ERP, proverite detalje na stranici sa informacijama. 

Zavisi od vaših potreba. Sigurni smo da ćete u Cenovniku pronaći odgovarajući paket za vas.

Možete kreirati, slati i arhivirati onoliko računa koliko vam je potrebno. Jedino ograničenje je količina prostora koju dobijate u svakom paketu. U 1GB obično možete da sačuvate oko 8.000–10.000 faktura.

Sa Demo opcijom možete testirati i naučiti kako da kreirate i upravljate e-fakturama u demo kompaniji bez ikakvih posledica po vaše poslovanje. Demo verzija je potpuno funkcionalna verzija pravog rešenja zae-Invoices Online.