Connection channel for your ERP via Virtual printer

Connection channel via Virtual printer allows you to simply "print" invoices directly from your unchanged ERP and transform them to e-Invoices.

You have been using a complex invoicing software for years, but obstacles are starting to appear:

Your ERP system can not produce e-Invoices

Your invoicing software is lacking up to date features, but developers can not help you.

Your business model consists of B2B and B2G transactions.

Many government and private entities are modernizing their business practices by accepting only e-Invoices.

Use of goverment/tax e-Invoices portal is becoming mandatory.

Legislation in Europe is going to dictate e-Invoicing, in order to achive transparent exchange and digitalization.

Keep your invoicing software intact, but make e-Invoices


Without changing the software

Our solution is compatible with all ERP systems. You can keep your software intact, thus saving you money.

No specific training required

Your company will not have to spend time and resources on employee training.

Automate distribution

You will be able to completely automate distribution, straight from your invoicing software. 

Multiple devices & users supported

Decide who manages invoices with user permissions. Licence as many devices as you require.

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Changes of software are tied to high cost and lost time.

Our connection channel via Virtual printer provides the ability to keep your ERP software, and change your invoices into e-Invoices by simply printing them from your ERP.

What do I get?

It consists of two parts. First, a software client called Virtual printer, that you download on your computer/server and second, an e-Invoices Online cloud engine for transforming. Directly from your ERP, you can "print" invoices to Virtual printer, from where they are sent to the cloud engine to be transformed.

Once transformation in cloud engine (that happens in a background) is completed, e-Invoices will automatically appear inside e-Invoices Online, where you are able to view and manage them. You can also check their status, while also getting a notifications directly to Virtual printer software. e-Invoices can also be downloaded to your directory or send via e-mail.

From e-Invoices Online you can send e-Invoices nationally using country-specific standards and internationally using Peppol network. We offer a configuration of distribution paths and bulk sending so you are able to completely automate your delivery, already from Virtual printer.

We also provide you with an eArchive - a legal archive to replace your paper archive.


The payment consist of a one time set-up fee (min. 3000€) + monthly subscription. 

The amount of set-up fee depends on the complexity of your invoice form from which we need to extract data, amount of forms, organisation structures of your company and other factors.

Monthly subscription covers technical support in the events of faulty e-Invoices.

Tailored to you.

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By using connection channel via Virtual printer you get:

to keep your unchanged ERP for creating invoices

transformation of existing invoices to EU regulation compliant e-Invoices

distribution and legal storage of e-Invoices

worldwide accessibility to your invoices from all devices

faster, cheaper and paperless invoice managing, to focus on what is really important

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