Data to e-invoices transformation API

Forget about legislations, invoicing specifications and development of invoicing moduls. Implement e-Invoicing in a day, instead of a long development cycle.

Transform invoice data to e-invoices and deliver them to tax authority portals. With our APIs, you implement the functionality of e-invoices into your software in just hours. We are the ideal partner to help you implement the legally required e-invoice functionality into your software.

NOTE! You must finish all actions with the transformed e-invoices within the time frame of 48 hours. Then all data is irretrievably deleted. If you want to keep e-invoices in our cloud to e-archive them, you must choose the relationship as an integrator and transfer the management and control over the e- invoices to the end user.

Features of the solution

Skip your development with 1 API

Ensures tax and legal compliance

All hidden within your UI


Transformation of data to e-Invoice in seconds
Distribution to clients and tax authority portals

Technical process of solution

How to start using e-Invoices Online

Register a Developer account
Choose your package
Create sub-accounts for your client
Receive a connection key and connect your software to our service with API
Launch your software with e-invocing capability

Ways of use:

Invoicing provider

You have put a great deal of time and effort into developing your invoicing software and building a customer base. Now, there is a new Government-imposed e-Invoicing requirement that would take you more time and effort to develop. Save your time and money for more important matters, and let us provide you with the e-Invoicing component you’re missing.


You provide a comprehensive service that has a large overlap with the requirements of a full e-Invoicing system. The document exchange and archiving are key aspects to both services. You likely have clients that would benefit greatly from e-Invoicing. So rather than them seeking this service elsewhere or you developing that yourself, upgrade your service by adding our e-Invoicing component to your existing infrastructure.

Invoicing provider

You have developed a comprehensive software your customers can rely on for their daily business needs. New Government mandates require said customers to start using e-Invoicing. Give your software a compliant e-invoicing in a matter of hours.

Hidden partner

You are looking to develop a service that includes e-Invoicing, but wish to maintain full control of your customers’ experience throughout your service. Instead of redirecting your clients to an external e-Invoicing service, the Transformer package allows you to use our service as a hidden partner. Your software can rely on our service, all while never being seen by the customer.

See any other way of use? Contact us.