Connect your ERP to e-Invoices Online 

Connection channel via API allows you to connect your ERP to e-Invoices online with the help of authors of your existing software to get e-Invoices.

No additonal costs,
included in professional & business package!

How to start?

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Register for free

Input your company's and administrator data.



Confirm your identity with clicking the link, sent to your e-mail.


Sign in

After signing in go to the administration process.

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Get the API key

In the administration process, type in the mail of your ERP developer. We will send him an API key and instructions for integration.


Wait for integration

While you wait, connect to the government portal, choose your package, give out user roles etc. (In administration process.)

Use your ERP with e-Invoices Online

When developer is finished, you are good to go!

Pay after first 30 days.

Just 1 day integration!

How does it work?

We have created powerful yet very straightforward APIs, that author of your invoicing software can integrate in to their solution. Once integrated, you can continue using your ERP normally, but all your invoices will appear in e-Invoices Online as e-Invoices. From here, you can then distribute them to your clients, send them to government portals and archive them in legal storages. The best? Integration can happen in just one day.

Contact your ERP developer to see if the integration is possible. (After registration, go to the administrative process, where you type in the email address of your ERP developer. We will send them an email with the API key and the integration instructions..)

How does it work?

With connection channel via API you use your ERP just like until now and core solution of e-Invoices Online for distribution, storing and archiving. Of course, you can also create e-Invoices in web if needed.

Distribute to government portals, clients on a national and international level, with various standards. Store e-Invoices in our cloud storage or archive them, replacing a normal paper archive.

For more info about creation,
distribution and archiving see page Solution.

By using connection channel via API you get:

100% accurate transfer of invoice data to our service 

e-Invoices compliant with EU regulations

distribution and legal storage of e-Invoices

worldwide accessibility to your invoices from all devices

faster, cheaper and paperless invoice managing, to focus on what is really important

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