Cost-effectiveness of switching to e-invoices

Business is thriving, and order books are filled. Furthermore, invoices are delivered daily. They must be written, reviewed, supplemented as needed, packaged, sealed, and sent by mail. Data from these incoming invoices is typed, and any inaccuracies are removed. After they are manually set up and archived on paper, they are approved by sealing.

Time and money are spent on each of these steps in processing non-electronic invoices. All of these steps increase the costs of standard invoicing; however, by using electronic invoices, most of these procedures can be eliminated. This allows us to reduce costs by 60 to 80 percent. And all of this comes with a financial expense that is so minimal that it pays off in just a few weeks.


Cost-Efficiency of E-Invoices up to 80%

Do you want to save at least 6.60 euros per invoice (supplier) or 11.20 euros per invoice (customer)? Potential savings in real user circumstances of our services have been calculated by comparing the cost of paper invoices with automatically processed electronic invoices. 

The typical cost for issuing a paper invoice is 11.10 €. In reality, it costs the recipient 17.60 € when all costs are considered. This includes all operations, including printing, mailing, recording, payment, payment reconciliation, cash management, and archiving. These amounts are reduced by 60 to 80 percent with e-invoices.

Cost-Efficiency of E-Invoices

First, eliminating physical paper reduces costs for printing, mailing, handling, and archiving. Additionally, when invoice data is machine-readable, transferring them from one system to another doesn't require manual work.

Compelling cost-saving potential is often the primary factor encouraging the adoption of e-invoices, namely the financial benefit to your business. However, there are additional factors that gain importance. E-invoices open doors to broader e-development because invoices are essential components of the order-to-payment and purchase-to-payment processes. These improvements include process automation, cash management, and compliance.

The electronic invoice is also a useful entry point into fully automated corporate procedures, as well as new technologies and smarter ways of processing your financial data.

E-invoices also have a positive impact on the environment, which should also be taken into account. The environmental footprint of your business will significantly decrease when you start using e-invoices because there will be no need to handle, deliver, or archive paper invoices. Simple operation goes hand in hand with environmental efficiency.


Our Solution for E-Invoicing

Trade finance solutions are particularly useful for securing the financing of goods and services throughout the entire production process (from order to invoice). This means that both the buyer and the supplier can increase their working capital.

One example of such a solution is our online service, which is a cloud-based service for managing e-invoices. It helps professionals and companies create e-invoices, distribute them across Europe, and legally archive them, connecting in various ways to help you retain your ERP and still comply with all regulatory obligations. There are only two months left to prepare and register for the electronic invoicing system. The Law on E-Invoices comes into force on January 1, 2023.

Start using e-invoices and save money today

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I save by switching to e-invoices?

By switching to e-invoices, the cost of invoice issuance can be reduced by 60 to 80 percent. And all of this comes with a financial expense that is so minimal that it pays off in just a few weeks.

  • What is the best e-invoice solution if I am a lump-sum taxpayer?

A good example of an excellent solution is the e-Invoices.online service, the most flexible and reliable e-invoice program, due to its strong and efficient e-invoicing, as well as many connection options that adapt the solution to the needs of all companies.

  • I registered as a lump-sum taxpayer in the e-invoice system and didn't select 'other type' but 'entrepreneur' as the company type. What should I do now? 

You need to contact the SEF service center, as it is not possible to change the customer type after registration.

For all technical details, situations, and general information about e-invoices, please review the list of frequently asked questions and answers.


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